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Kalahari phyto-ceuticle skincare


Kalahari Skincare is a Phyto-ceutical Product Range developed over years of dedicated research by a team of botanical
experts and cosmetic scientists. The highly phyto-effective™, innovative formulations contain superior-grade botanical
oils and exceptional plant extracts from Africa. These natural ingredients are then compounded together with scientifically-
proven ingredients sourced from well-known, international laboratories. Kalahari Skincare provides visible results and
treatment solutions, suitable for all skin conditions.

Kalahari says NO to animal testing. We do thorough research prior to introducing a new raw material.

Kalahari Skincare products are free from: Parabens, Sulphates, MIT’s, Artificial Colourants, Isopropylene Glycol, Formaldehyde or , crude unfiltered mineral oil. We conform to EU and FDA ingredient standards.

Is Kalahari a 100% natural product range?
The answer is “no”. Although several of our products contain natural ingredient’s only, most of our products are a combination of superior-grade botanical oils and exceptional plant extracts compounded together with scientifically-proven ingredients sourced from well-known, international laboratories. This ensures that we have highly effective and innovative formulations. Interestingly enough, according to the EU legislation, if a product contains more than 65% natural ingredients it is classified as a “Natural Product”, so technically we fall under the “natural’ category. We simply believe that we can not promote our complete range as 100% natural if we are just partially natural. Kalahari always aims to remain a true and trusted brand.

Are they a 100% organic product range?
The answer is “no”. The media has influenced the consumer over the past couple of years in terms of creating unrealistic understanding of the term “organic”. If your complete product is 100% organic, the question will always be: How do you preserve the product? Scientists and world experts have now concluded that natural preservation systems still allow dangerous, harmful bacteria to be active in so-called “organic” products. Know that we preserve our products with an approved chemical compound to ensure that our products stay free and safe of harmful bacteria! In several of our products, we use organically certified ingredients, but we do not claim that it is a 100% organic product. Using 1 or 2 organically certified ingredients in a formulation does not make the complete formulation “organic”, as many brands tend to claim. It’s time that we start re-educating the consumer about the claims made by brands, particularly pertaining to the “100% organic products” label.

Kalahari CF Ceuticles skincare regen+ serum
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