Committed to True Skin Rejuvenation

The Optiphi brand was created utilizing the multi-disciplinary expertise of the Southern group of companies, ranging from Biotechnology to Tissue Engineering. Through their expertise in Bio-medical fields, they were in the position to conceptualize, create and test the best active solutions available to rehabilitate the skin. Technical Director, Dr. Hugo Nel, is a Plastic surgeon by profession-

whom has expertise in the study of fetal wound healing and tissue engineering, with a specific interest in skin regeneration and the treatment of burn victims. A public demand for the range, initially distributed only to the medical practitioners, was made available to meet the need for a complete anti-aging solution.


As a brand they strive to expand their research and development efforts, set new trends in the anti-aging market and incorporate the latest technological advancements into their product formulations.Optiphi is not tested on animals and no animal derivatives are used. No parabens or sodium laureth sulphate is used in their products


Their goal is to:

  • Target the Signs and mechanisms of skin aging

  • Assist with Anti-aging

  • Promote Total Skin Rejuvenation


The Optiphi brand focusses on 4 Fundamental concepts:

  • Actives Synergy:

The steps in selecting an active ingredient for the Optiphi product range is to conduct a thorough literature and publication search as well as to test and rule out any possible negative effects, to know that each active has data to substantiate its efficacy. Each active chosen must perform in conjunction with other actives. They fastidiously then apply the validated concentration at which these active should be used.

  • Cellular Dynamics:

Optiphi focuses on the skin cell. They strive to create the correct environment for optimal cellular functioning of which the result will be comparatively physiologically younger skin -Positive Homeostatic Influence (PHI). PHI is also the symbol for the Golden Ratio (1.618…).

  • Simplified Skin Care:

Due to their range of actives they fulfil the needs of the current consumer with a modern and fast-paced lifestyle:

  • Quick and easy to use

  • Cost effective

  • Results orientated

  • Can be added to any other product regime

  • Timeless Design:

Optiphi is a premium brand and will not compromise on aesthetics and product quality. Their packaging is uniquely designed for the high concentrations of actives used in their product formulations. Actives are shielded from light and air, hence lightness and airless packaging to ensure the best quality products at all times. Optiphi offers a recycling program to consumers: Collect 10 containers and receive a FREE cleanser.

Optiphi has two Skin care ranges:

Optiphi - Classic range

This range focuses on Optimal skin health for your age; Increase skin hydration & barrier function; Targets the prevention of aging; Rebuild collagen and elastin while preventing future damage.

Optiphi - Active range

The focus in this range is on Tissue engineering (cellular growth); Increase cellular structure and function; Targets 7 signs of aging and 5 mechanisms of aging; Manipulate cellular processes to slow down cellular aging.